54 kW charging infrastructure on company car park aachen, nrw

4 charging columns with 2 x 11 kW charging power each with load management on company car park

“Charging columns for company car parks are not only a practical solution to support electric mobility, but also a clear commitment of the company to sustainability and future viability.”

By setting up a charging infrastructure for electric cars in the company car park, the company’s employees are offered the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles conveniently and at any time.

As the charging infrastructure is powered by green electricity from the company’s existing solar plant, the installation of the charging stations is an important step towards more sustainable mobility and supports the employees in reducing their carbon footprint.

By using our weatherproof charging columns, the longest possible availability and service life of the components can be expected.

Employees benefit from e-charging stations in the company car park, as they can charge their electric vehicles conveniently and are less dependent on public charging facilities.

For this purpose, charging columns with a total of eight charging points, each with 11 kW charging power, were installed at suitable locations in the company car park.

a quick glance

Installed charging points

8 x 11 kW

Installed charging capacity

54 kW


Aachen, NRW


Consultation, planning and installation


May 2022