pv system on clinic meerbusch, nrw

flat-roof pv system on clinic in meerbusch

“Our engineering firm developed the PV system on the hospital to significantly reduce energy costs and add environmental value that will support the hospital in the long term.”

The Mauritius Therapy Clinic in Meerbusch has implemented a pioneering project with the installation of a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof of the clinic. The project aims to increase energy security, reduce costs and promote a sustainable approach for hospitals, clinics and potential investors.

The PV system increases energy security by providing a reliable and sustainable source of energy. The clinic can cover part of its energy needs through the direct use of solar energy.

In addition, the implementation of the PV system leads to significant cost savings. The clinic can reduce its need for external electricity from the public grid and thus significantly lower its energy costs. Using solar energy as a free and unlimited source of energy helps to reduce costs in the long term and improves the financial stability of the facility.

The project also underlines the commitment to sustainability. The use of solar energy significantly reduces the clinic’s CO2 emissions and ecological footprint. By reducing the use of fossil fuels, the Mauritius Therapy Clinic makes an important contribution to environmental protection and promotes sustainable practices in healthcare.

The project, which includes a large photovoltaic system on the roof of the Mauritius Therapy Clinic in Meerbusch, demonstrates a pioneering approach to energy security, cost reduction and sustainability in the healthcare sector. It serves as a model for other hospitals, clinics and investors interested in innovative solutions to improve their energy efficiency while achieving positive environmental impacts. The Mauritius Therapy Clinic shows how hospitals and clinics can reduce their environmental footprint while improving their financial stability, ultimately leading to sustainable and responsible healthcare.

a quick glance

Installed PV modules

242 PV modules

Installed kWp



Meerbusch, NRW


Engineering, planning and construction of the PV system


May 2023