measuring device for performance ratio validation

Mobile measurement system for validating the performance ratio for large-scale photovoltaic systems

“With our measurement solutions, you gain insights into the efficiency of your solar system and lay the foundation for data-based optimisation strategies.”

Independent verification of the performance ratio (PR) of a solar park plays a crucial role in assessing the efficiency and performance of the plant. The performance ratio is an important measure of the efficiency of a solar system and expresses the ratio between the energy actually generated and the theoretically possible energy generation. It is used to assess the performance and condition of a solar installation.

Independent verification of the performance ratio offers the following advantages:

Accuracy of performance assessment:
The performance ratio makes it possible to evaluate the actual performance of the solar system compared to the expected performance. Independent verification ensures that the assessment is objective and accurate and not influenced by conflicts of interest or bias.

Identification of problems and deviations:
A low performance ratio can indicate various problems in the system, such as shading, defects in the solar panels, inefficient inverters or wiring problems. Through an independent review, such deviations can be detected at an early stage and remedied in time.

Performance optimisation:
Optimisation potentials can be identified through a regular independent review of the performance ratio. This can lead to the identification of measures to increase the energy yield, such as cleaning the solar modules or adjusting the tilt angle.

Building trust:
Independent verification creates confidence among investors, operators and other stakeholders. It shows that the performance evaluation of the solar system is objective and reliable.

Data-driven decision-making:
The performance ratio and the results of the independent verification serve as a basis for strategic decisions such as investments in maintenance and optimisation or the planning of future solar projects.

Overall, independent verification of the performance ratio plays a central role in ensuring the long-term efficiency and performance of a solar installation. It supports the operator in operating the plant optimally, recognising potential problems at an early stage and ensuring long-term economic viability.

a quick glance

Irradiance sensors

4 x SMP10 Class A Pyranometer

Temperature sensors

3 x PT100 Module temperature sensors

Power supply

1 x PV module and battery for off-grid operation

Reference cell

1 x Si-RST485TC-T-MB


615 cm x 415 cm x 230 cm