pv carport for research project jülich, nrw

Carport with PV system, battery storage and charging options for e-cars and e-bikes for research project

“Engineering work in the field of renewable energy requires constant training and thinking outside the box to understand and apply the latest technologies and developments.”

The present project was developed and installed by Voltagy GmbH as part of the “PVeCarPort” research project of the Solar Institute Jülich at Aachen University of Applied Sciences to investigate the possibilities of solar energy in combination with battery storage and charging infrastructure. The aim of the project is to create a sustainable and efficient solution for charging electric vehicles while at the same time exploiting the potential of photovoltaics. The solar energy generated is used directly to charge electric vehicles, and surplus electricity is stored in a battery.

The battery storage was strategically placed to store the PV power generated and retrieve it later when needed. This ensures a continuous power supply even in bad weather conditions or outside the sunshine hours.

The charging infrastructure includes several charging stations that enable efficient charging of electric cars and electric bicycles. Intelligent control has been implemented to optimise charging operations, monitor energy flow and maximise energy efficiency.

The project serves as a research platform to gain important insights into the integration of photovoltaics, battery storage and charging infrastructure. Data on energy generation, storage and use are collected in order to further optimise the system and gain insights for future applications in electromobility.

Overall, the project represents an important step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. It demonstrates the potential of solar energy in combination with electric vehicles and shows how these technologies can be optimally used for an efficient and sustainable energy supply.

Further information at: PVeCarPort | FH Aachen (https://www.fh-aachen.de/forschung/institute/sij/forschungsprojekte/pvecarport)

Source: SIJ

a quick glance

Installed PV modules

8 Modules

Installed kWp


Battery capacity

7.1 kWh

Charging options

2 x 11 kW for car, 2 x controllable 230 V socket with power monitoring


Jülich, NRW


Engineering, planning and installation of the PV system


March 2023